Ballet, What is it?

Having its Origin from Italy  Ballet is a modern dance form and later it developed as a concert dance form in France and Russia. It is believed to be originated in 15th century during Italian Renaissance.

In my previous posts I gave information about the major Indian classical dances like Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi and many more Now I be giving Information about the modern dance forms.

The first dance style about  which I will be giving you Information is Ballet.


This style of modern dance is very technical and have its own vocabulary based on the French terminology. This dance form has its techniques for its performance. The performance consists of choreography and music. Every style of this dance form has its own music and choreography , which is choreographed by trained ballet dancers.

Styles in Ballet dance.

This dance form is predominantly performed by women, It has different styles which I am going to explain in this section.

Romantic :

Romantic style of this dance form was primarily developed during the the Era of Romanticism during early to mid of the 19th century. The story of this style revolved around the spirited women who were enslaved the heart and emotions of mortal man and the imagination of dreamers. This dance form defines the love, emotions as the expression. The performers of this dance form defines a love story and its a couple performance as it was developed during the Romantic Era.


Classical form of ballet is basically based on traditional techniques and depends upon its Origin countries like France, Italy, and Russia. It is practiced by the foundational techniques and principles of Body movements. Each movement is clearly defined and is based on some principles . It primarily focuses on developing flexibility, Strengthening the legs, feet and core of the body because its essential for twists and turn movements.


Neoclassical comprises the techniques and vocabulary of the classical.But It has different abstract from the classical one.It does not have any particular costume, plot or scenery. It has diverse choice of music. Its choreography is quite difficult and requires a lot of physical strength and is more daring and intense style of this dance form.


Costume of Ballet.

The costume which is wore by a performer is known Tutu . The Tutu clothing has two styles. The one is  Romantic tutu which is wore by the dancers of Romantic style of this dance form .. The romantic tutu is a soft and a bell shaped one piece dress , its made up of Muslin or nylon silk. The another one is classical tutu which is wore by the dancers of classical style of this dance form, its a horizontally projected small and stiffed skirt which is projected from the waist and hip. It may be made up of tarlatan , musin, tulle or nylon. Apart from this the dancer wears a long transparent stalkings , covering the whole leg.

The Romantic Tutu dress
The classical Tutu dress
The soft ballet shoes

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