Jazz. What is it?

Emerged in America Jazz dance is a contemporary dance technique and magnificence of dance. Its origin is believed to be in an early twentieth century. This dance type has its roots from the African slave dances because the time flew the genre of this dance type modified from street dance to theater dance thanks to the work by the famed artists like Jack Cole, Eugene Louis Faccuito, Bob trench and Gus Giordano.

In my previous post I provided information about Ballet dance, now I will be giving you information about Jazz dance.


Styles in Jazz dance.

According to its history this dance form is emerged in various and distinct dance styles.

Black Bottom:

Emerged in early 1990s this dance style has its basic step of slapping the bottom while dancing. The couples were primarily used to practice this style , They hop forward , backward, stamping their feet all while slapping their own bottom.


This dance style was done by slaves , they used to mimic and make fun of their owners while dancing.This took the competition with cake as the reward of winners and had it name from this only. But this dance style died between 1915s and1920s.

The Lindy hop and jitterburg:

Emerged in 1928 in  Harlem, The New York City, Lindy is the fusion of many dances. today it is known as Jitterburg. This dance styles combines the steps of solo and well as partner work. It is sometimes known as Street dance because its improvisational and social in nature.


Having its name and origin from the City of Charleston, South Carolina, this dance style basically focuses on Rhythm. This dance was emerged Solo, partner work as well as group dance . The years when this dance form was on its peek were 1926 and 1927.

Jazz Clothing

The clothes wore by the jazz performers are not very particular. The performers prefer do wear body fitted dress while dancing.The performers have free choice to choose their clothing. As this dance form requires lots of flexible and graceful movements so the performer choose that clothing in which they feel completely comfortable and the free movements can be done. They prefer jazz dance pants and tight body fitted tops and discourage the shaggy clothes.


Jazz shoes

The shoes which the performers of this dance form wore are Known as Jazzshoes. Wearing these shoes is compulsory for every performer and these shoes has many styles and varieties, according to the comfort of the dancer he/she can choose its shoe.


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