Tap dance. What is it?

Characterized by shoes, Tap dance is the dance form in which the the sounds are created through the tap shoes, These shoes contains metal tap on the heel and the toe by which the sounds are created by striking the shoes on the floor.

In my previous posts i provided information about Jazz dance , Now I will be providing Information about another modern dance form which is known as Tap dance.


Having its roots in the fusion ethnic percussive dances it is also included in the African tribal dances.It is believed to begun around mid of 1800s during the minstrel shows.

The choreography of tap dance starts from the eighth or the first beat count. The choreography of this dance form may ore may not be accompanied by music, Its a very improvisational form of dance in nature.

Tap dance styles.

Different dance styles exists in this form of modern dance, Here I am going to give brief information about those dance styles.


Also known as swing, the classical style of this dance form was popularized in 20th century through movies.This style is a combination of Jazz, Ballet and acrobatics styles of dance. The famous tap dancers Nicholas  brothers have significant contribution towards the popularization of this dance style.

Broadway :

Also known as musical, broadway is that style of this dance form which is perfectly suitable for music theater show style dancing. The main focus in this dance style is on the upper body and arms of the dancer and the visual aesthetics.

Rhythm :

As in this dance form the sounds are created through striking the shoes on the floor, The rhythm style follows the sounds created by shoes and do not accompanied by any music. Only the rhythm of sound is used to dance in this style of Tap dance.


Having both Hip hop and jazz in it  Funk style of this dance form is newly created dance style which is one of the most interesting dance styles.

Tap shoes:

Earlier the shoes used to have wooden taps on the heel and the toe and those shoes used to have leather soles, Since 1910 the manufactures started making metallic taps. As the metallic taps are more thicker they create more clear and  audible sounds than the wooden ones. These shoes are the key part of this dance form, Without it this dance cannot be performed.


How to begin?

Here I am providing with a video which I feel is very helpful for the beginners of this dance form and for those who want to learn this dance form. This video will provide you with the basic steps of tap dancing , Hope you will enjoy watching this!

Keep dancing 🙂

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