Belly dance. What is it?

Having its Origin from Egypt Belly dance is a expressive dance style from the various modern dance forms.It is also known as Arabic dance form. It has been evolved in various styles depending upon the particular country or region.

In my previous post I gave some information about Hip-Hop dance, Now I will be providing Information about Belly dance in detail.

Belly dance

This dance form focuses on the complex movements of torso(belly). The movements of torso muscles and hips have more emphasis, This dance form is the folk dance from Arab.Belly dance is believed to be originated between the 18th to 19th century in the middle east particularly in Egypt, But as i wrote earlier it has different styles depending upon the different countries and regions so this dance form is referred differently in different countries.

Turkey: In Turkey this dance form has another name which is Oryantal Dans(dance) . Oryantal is more energetic , lively and playful than the Egyptian dance, It requires more energy that is why the Turkish dancers are more enthusiastic and athletic in Nature.

Lebanon: The Lebanese dance is between the Egyptian and Turkish dance. The techniques which are used in this dance are very quick and require a lot of Internal body work.

Body Movements in Belly Dance...

Here I am going to build up categories for different and main movements of the body in  which will help you to understand each movement more clearly.

Fluid movements:

These are sinuous and flowing movements of the body in motion, They mainly connect with the melodic portion and lyrical portion of the music. They mainly include complex improvisational movements dealing mainly with the abdominal part of the body. Complex hip circles, Muscle movements of abdominal are included in these movements.

Percussive movements:

The movements on the beats of the music are particularly included in these movements, The movements  which are done should punctuate with accent beats in the music, Typically the complex hip movements like hip rocks, hip drops, hip lifts and twists are mainly included also some shoulder movements are also included.

Shimmies, Shivers,vibrations:

These movements include the small and fast movements of the body which are done continuosly done by the dancer. Like roles of the abdomen , continues  up and down movements of the abdomen muscles and the hips, The vibrations of the hips and many more.

Attire of a Belly dancer...

The attire of the belly dancer includes a body fitted short top decorated with stones and beads, In bottom the dancer wears a long skirt or harem pants which are complemented with the belly belt, This belt is compulsory for every dancer to wear as it signifies the movements of the belly, The belt is also very beautifully decorated with stones , mirrors and beads. The belt may be wore separately or may be sewed in the skirt or the pant.

belly dance
belly dance

Here I am providing you with one one the best videos I found on the belly dance.

This dance was done by Suraiya , In the Belly dance festival which was held in Poland in 2013. And is published by Avihass.

Hope you will enjoy it.


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