Lavani Dance, The energetic marathi dance

Originated from the Indian state of Maharashtra, Lavani dance, Is known for its powerful rhythm. It has a great contribution to the Marathi folk theatre. It is a combination of traditional song and dance which is performed on the beats of Dholki, an instrument.

In my research for this particular dance form, I got to know many amazing facts, which I would love to share with my readers. As a folk dance, it has great contribution in the Indian folk dances.

lavani dance

Lavani Dance… What is it?

As I wrote earlier also, it is the cultural dance of Maharashtra, This dance form is predominantly performed by female dancers, and can be a group or a solo performance. According to its tradition Lavani word is derived from the word Lavanya, which means beauty. This dance signifies the power and beauty of women.

The songs which are sung along with this dance are of quick tempo. The songs are somewhat naughty and erotic in nature as this dance is especially for entertainment purpose. This dance is one of those dance styles which are highly energetic as well as graceful. The songs have very fast beats, so the dancers have to catch those beats and dance fastly as well as gracefully.

Its beginning can be traced in the 1560s, it came into popularity during the later rule days of Peshwa who was a Maharashtrian leader.

This dance form varied in its subjects such as society, religion, and politics, It is originally was the morale booster for the tired soldiers.

It is predominantly developed as two types of performances


1.Phadachi Lavani: The lavni which is performed before a large audience in a theatrical environment is known as Phadachi Lavani.

2.Baithakichi Lavani: The lavani when sung and enacted by a girl sitting before the selective audience and a private and closed chamber is known as Baithakichi lavani.


lavani dance

lavani dance

The attire of a Lavani dancer …

As this dance form is predominantly performed by women, So their attire must also be very catchy and beautiful. The dancers wear a long Saari which is around 9 meters long. The color of the sari is bright and beautiful so that the performer can catch the interest of the audience. Further, the dancer makes a bun with their hair and decorates it with flowers. The sari is draped beautifully and comfortably as compared to other styles. The sari they wear is known as nauvari. They also wear heavy jewelry and a large dark red color Bindi on the forehead.

lavani dancelavani dance

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