Chhau dance,the martial, tribal and folk tradition…

Having its origin from eastern states of India mainly Jharkhand, West Bengal and Odisha.Chhau dance is found in three different styles named after their regions. The Chhau from Odisha is known as Mayurbhanj Chhau, From Bengal it’s known as Purulia Chhau and from Jharkhand it is known as Seraikella Chhau.

In my reasearch of this dance form I got to know some amazing things and facts by which this dance form has came up.I would love to share my reasearch with my readers furthur in this post.

chhau dance

Chhau dance . What is it?

This dance is mainly performed during the festivals in those 3 sates specially it is performed in the spring festival and the whole community participates to celebrate.Mainly this dance is performed by the male dancers in an open space which is also known as Akhada.

The themes on which this dance is performed includes folkflore and the mythological stories from Ramayana and Mahabharta.The dancers potrays different stories and themes through performing Chhau dance.The three different styles include various themes and stories and are performed differently.

The dance is accompanied by the traditional rhythmetic music which is played on the reed pipes mohuri and Shehnai.The music is also accompanied by various types of drums which includes cylindrical drums(dhol) etc.

chhau dancechhau dance

The Chhau Mask…

The most integral part of this dance form is the mask which the dancers wear known as the Chhau mask.The three forms can be distinguished on the basis of this element.As the Seraikela and Purulia genres of the dance use the chauu mask during the dance , the Mayurbhanj do not use this mask.

This mask is also registered under the Geographical Indications.The dancers dancer were the earthy and theatrical mask which represent the mythological characters. After making the shape of mask with clay, it is coloured and decorated with Shola and other things. The mask has 8-10 layers of soft paper and the mould before the mud mould and dusted with fine paper.

chhau dance

Chhau at a Glance…

Here I have found an awesome video which will help you to understand this dance form more clearly.

Hope you will like it!

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