So what actually Pole dance is?

So,I am  pretty sure that almost all my readers have heard about Pole dance, but may not be aware about its true meaning , so now I am here to tell all of you about what this dance style actually is? What benefits can we acquire by practicing this style of dance combined with some interesting facts and sayings about this dance style. I am here with lots of information about this dance style which i will share with you all further in this post.

pole dance

So coming back to the topic, this dance is basically a combination of dance and acrobatics.For performing pole dancing ,proper instructions and rigorous training are the most important key factors.It basically promotes fitness as well as dancing.

Muscular endurance and coordination are the important factors of pole dancing, also it requires sensuality and exotic dancing.The pole dancer need to be sensuous and strong at the same time.

Earlier the performances of pole dancing only used to take place in the gentleman’s clubs as an erotic dance but since the mid 2000s the promoters of this dance are trying to change the perception of people of pole dance including pole fitness as a form of non-sexual form of dance and aerobatics which basically promotes fitness and move pole in Olympics as pole sports.

As a result various professional pole dance competitions are held in countries around the world. Also many professional dance classes are conducted in almost every city of world.

pole dance

Pole dance for fitness.

The latest trend by which pole dancing has gained popularity is because its now used for exercising and fitness.Today’s generation is more about keeping the body fit and healthy,so they have recognized  pole dancing as a fun way of remaining fit.

This dance increases core and general body strength and tones up the body as a whole.It basically starts with strength training,dance moves, squats , sit ups , pushups and after that goes to upper level which are spins, climbs, inversions etc. It helps us to built up the self confidence among women and also can not be argued now as only the sensuality in dance only.

pole dance

Pole for both men and women

Earlier this dance was usually practiced by women  generally as an element of enjoyment.Since 2003 this dance is recreated as as dance for both men and women as an element of fitness as well as enjoyment and as a great factor of building confidence in women, how they should feel positively about them and many more things.

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